mark tebeauI am a history professor, public historian, and digital humanist. I am a historian at Arizona State University, where I teach courses in public history, research methods, and urban and landscape history. Previously, I co-directed and founded the Center for Public History + Digital Humanities at Cleveland State University. I am writing about how urban memorials and public art reveal the changing nature of cities and community identity in the twentieth century; the Cleveland Cultural Gardens provides a lens for this project, to give it rhetorical specificity. I am also researching the history of air racing.


As a digital humanist, I am the architect behind the mobile history application Cleveland Historical, and the mobile publishing framework, Curatescape. Using Omeka as its content management system, Curatescape offers partners the ability to curate landscapes, or museums, on smartphones (iOS or Android Native Apps and optimized for the mobile web) or via the web.

With a rich interface and easy-to-use and dynamic content management, Curatescape is an ideal solution for small and mid-sized cultural organizations, schools, and preservationists.

In the past, I have lived in St. Louis, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Ann Arbor, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston, and Chagrin Falls (where I am told that the “unknown don’t even go.”) I’m presently moving to the desert southwest with my partner Kristin, two children, Amelia & Eli, and two dogs, London Patches and Mojo.  We are planning a move to the mountains that frame Phoenix’s Salt River valley.

I write (sometimes), hike, take photos, play with the kids, run, cook, and enjoy coffee on the deck on crisp autumn mornings.


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